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    There are many high-quality alternatives available to address a given information-technology challenge. What makes Mosili different is our ability to grasp and efficiently deal with the key issues of the project that will directly lead to its success. We at Mosili do not believe that one technology can suit all of our customer's needs. We have broad and deep experience with many advanced and state-of-the-art technologies.

    While we have experience with various development methodologies, we do not require that our clients use any particular one. We understand that each client is different and that each client has its own requirements and specific requests. We will assess their needs and determine the most appropriate methodology for each and every one.

    We deliver high quality solutions and services by following the proven development processes, integrated with the advanced and best-of-breed tools.

    Software Technologies:
    • Object-Oriented Analysis, Modeling and Design
    • Real-Time and Embedded Systems Technologies
    • All major Operating Systems and Programming Languages
    • Distributed, Multi-tiers Architectures
    • Relational Database Systems

    Selected Development Tools and Methodologies:

    • State-of-the-art Software Engineering Tools
    • Leading Integrated Development Environments
    • Cutting-edge Debug, Test and Automation Tools
    • Source and Configuration Management Tools

    Web/Internet Technologies:

    • Java & XML Technologies
    • Application Servers
    • Web Services
    • Wireless

    Open Source:
    The Open Source community has developed reliable, flexible, affordable, secure and maintainable systems and applications for general computing use. Mosili is a strong proponent and believer of Open Source principles.   [More...]


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